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Default Re: Returned HD-DVD player. What should I buy? PS3?

Originally Posted by MowTin
I'm curious does TrueHD sound better to the untrained ear than good ole DTS? Or is it like the difference between an mp3 and a CD?

My speakers came with my 4 year old receiver. It was a boxed set. If my speakers are low end, I don't think I would benefit from TrueHD right?

I am sure your reciever doesnt support True HD. You will enjoy DTS sound on your 5.1 system.

I personally can hear a difference between them. It is just pure s3x IMO. I assume you bought the 40GB, buy a SACD and listen to it thats how I compare DTS 5.1 to TRUE HD 7.1.

You should buy SACDs anyway they are the biggest musical eargasm ever.
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