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Default Re: What was the best 1x AGP graphics card?

Originally Posted by XMAN52373
Your wrong, a GF4, FX and 6 and 7 series card will work in a 1x slot. I happen to have a 1x slot Slot 1 board with a P2 233 and installed and used a GF4, 5900, 6600GT and a 7300GT in it and they all booted up just fine.
I hear what you're saying (and I realize the OP has changed the subject from AGP to PCI) but my experience with GF4s in i440BX boards has been slightly less than stellar. I do not know whether it is the power requirements or the AGP voltage or what, but I did have problems getting the setup stable under high load. I had resorted to GPU lapping and copper heat sinks at the time and still.
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