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Originally posted by sancheuz
It doesnt really matter, becasue there hasnt been games.... yet..... that are using up the geforce4 or geforce 3 power, that is till ut2k3 and doom 3 and splinter cell comes and deus ex 2 come out.
*cough* Morrowind *cough*

You shouldn't even hope for any AA/Aniso in Morrowind with full detail. Morrowind is VERY GPU intensive and i'd love to see a card being able to do 4x AA with it - Morrowind is, IMO, a game where you REALLY see the advantage of AA.

Originally posted by Matthyahuw
You're all wrong!

arguing about useless crap...gimme a break, if you like a card, buy it...if not, don't...
What are you talking about? nVidia product cycle is 18 Months, and that's all. If you don't trust me, i can always try to find a link to proof it.

And i still don't understand how this fits in the context - the NV30 isn't released yet.

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