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Guys what you need to understand is that NVidia Release cycle was always based on ...

1)the Competitions avaible at the time
2)a new Microsoft DIrect 3d
3)OEM manufacturers

So you cannot release a brand new totally technology until
microsoft release another direct3d .. see ?

Thats why Geforce3 and Radeon2 (direcxt8) have almost same technology , and Nv30 and Radeon9700 (direcx9) too.. see ?

The thing is that While ATi release only a new product every time
Microsoft up the specs in Direct3d ,Nvidia do refresh in between
which believe it or not ,its a good thing for gamers ,because
every new product lower the prices of older ones !!!

StealthHawk :yes, it is very disappointing that nvidia has fallen to a 18 month cycle between new architectures.

it could be very disappointing for you ,if you buy every time Nvidia release a minor refresh ,or any single modification .
if you are so dissapointed with Nvidia you can jump the side
of the ATi betatesters and wait with patience for months for new drivers to let you play latest games and enable harware that often ships with broken features .

if you buy the best product for your money by the end of every year or closer +/- ,your experience with Nvidia will be no less that
Quantum alien new technology improvements in speed and quality ..

1)Tnt2 ultra
2)Geforce2 gts
3)Geforce3 ti500
4)Nv30 (christmas of 2002) +/-


2)Geforce1 DDR
3)Geforce2 ultra

Remember that there is 12 months +/- between each one of those .
So i dont know why anyone would complain about more than 2x times
increase in performance with more eye candy ,because since Tnt2 this
is what Nvidia have been doing every year ..

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