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Default Re: ? about multiplier

Originally Posted by DRen72
I run 400x9 on my QX9650. I've found that the best compromise for speed and heat generation.
I can also run 400x10 completely stable but the heat gets a bit higher than I'd like when I run Prime95. Still stable though.
when you are running at 400x9 what are your temps when running prime 95. i am only running with the multiplier right now at 10 for 3.3 and i see you have the same heat sink fan as i.

it's pretty warm in my apartment but at 3.3 so far on full load core temp never shows any core higher than 45/47c. i will run like that for a bit and maybe try upping fsb and going for 3.6 this weekend and try that for a bit. also maybe its my case cooling but my mobo gets pretty warm at 3.3.......when play crysis a bit yesterday it got up to 38c at one point but my pc is in my living room and i have the fireplace its warmer than usual so maybe that might be it.
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