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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

Originally Posted by Imbroglio
yep, I'm average joe, you pinned me you half-wit, again maybe you should attempt your hypocritical comment and try google out for yourself.

here's a nice little article about 'average joe'

given the average size of average joe's television and using this graph, I, once again, will continue to laugh in your face if you can tell me otherwise about upconverted dvds.

you know what the worst part is, I grabbed these links off of these forums. take some time, look around, learn something and then reply. you'll do everyone a favor.
Imbroglio, if you are so dense that the "Average Joe" monniker fits so be it. Not everyone is educated and informed on the matter. However, I thought I was on the AV forums. Don't you at least have to be somewhat educated on the matter to understand the topic. You probably have no comprehension of what 1080p vs 1080i vs 720p really means. I suspect that the holy grail of 480p is good enough for you.
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