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Default Re: Just ordered some of my DreamPC

First off... lets get the obvious out of the way. Two cards give no benefit over 1 at the moment. But at least im ready for when the driver gets here.

Second, The MCW60 dosnt fit on the 3870X2 with the memory sinks installed. So I cant install my watercooling on the cards untell I get ramsinks or diffrent blocks. (Ill end up getting ramsinks)

Third, Really busy with work so havnt had much of a chance to test. But I did a 3dmark at stock settings 4Ghz with my system memory clocked way down (@667 default1000) and still got near 20k with 1 card.

I also got a PS3 on the same day my cards arrived so when I get home from work I been playing that to relax.

The chick on these cards is so damn hot...

Picture Update:


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