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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Wow look at this deal!!! It expires Feb 1st, so you better act fast if you want in on it.

I just bought the FSDreamscapes 1.2m VFR Utah pre-order package and its the best deal I've ever seen, which is only $25 if you pre-order. Basically you get 80,000 square miles of 1.2m photo coverage for the entire state of Utah and a 5m mesh for the entire coverage area. As a free bonus you get their 10m mesh products for California, Arizona, and Utah, which you can download instantly.

The scenery will be made in stages, and will be available for download as its completed. Apparently the price will increase with each new release, and will reach $125, but if you pre-order it now its $25 and as the new pieces come in you won't have to pay any more.

The three mesh products are sold for $10 each, so thats a $30 value right there, with 28GB of awesome photo scenery to come. Take a look at his blog if you want to be impressed.

Some of the scenic wonders in Utah include bryce canyon, zion national park, monument valley, uintas mountains, and canyonlands national park.

You can download his demo of Monumnt Valley from the product page.

Now that I have a 10m mesh for cali I might have to get the so cal Megascenery.
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