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Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R

How did you do that?
That's freakin amazing. Is that possible to do in Paint Shop pro? Please tell me the tricks.

PS: Upon closer inspection it's beyond amazing. How o nearth did you rotate the pic of graphics card?
Heh, thanks

I skewed the card slightly. Basically, by skewing properly, you can simulate perpective. It doesn't look crappy because the image is too small to notice some skewing Also, photoshop skews and filters the image, so it doesn't look all pixellated.

It's pretty easy, and i didn't even have to go through any advanced photoshop techniques to get the picture.


I don't know about PSP. The last version i used was 7, and that was at school for a while. I played around, but while it has some nice features, it isn't good enough for what i do. It's a big step-up from Paintbrush, that's for sure

PSP is a good intermediate program. Offers enough ease for beginners, and some flexibility for experienced users. For pro/power users though, photoshop is where it's at.

I stopped using psp at version3.
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