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Default Re: ? about multiplier

Originally Posted by DRen72
When gaming at 400x9 the highest I've seen the CPU go was about 52c and that wasn't with Crysis. Crysis only managed to get up to around 48c.

When I stress tested the CPU, again at 400x9, using Prime95 it got up to 63c max. It went to 66c at 400x10. I didn't try 333x10, but I did try stock (333x9) with Prime95 and I recall the max temp being around 45c during testing.

However, I've not run across any program other than the stress tests that get the CPU over 52c.

Room temperature was also around 25-26c at the time which was rather warm.
thanks for's good to know.... I'm about on par with those temps too. when i ran stock cooler when i first got it it would hit about 60c on full load and i didn't want to go higher then that with oc ing cause i read that Intel max is like 64.5 for these cpu's....i would be more comfortable with a 400x9 with lower temps. thanks i will try both ways for a bit and see what that's like.

OH sry one more question are your temps different on each core on full load. i realize not all cores are always even loaded but i did some movie trans coding and all for cores where maxed out and there was a 6 degree difference between all four cores. core1 was like 47, core 2 41c core 3 43 and core 4 43c.

i also noticed this with the stock cooler too.
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