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Default Re: Maces....swords?

Originally Posted by lIqUID
I went combat maces for all of an hour and completely hated it. My hit is a bit too low for any full combat spec, so I went back to my current hemo ar/prep build. I don't care what the crybabies in forums babble about HARP is a very good spec, and I easily kill well geared combat rogues.

armory Liq on the realm Lethon, and try that spec out. I haven't played much on my rogue since I leveled my lock to 70 but if my alts get ganked thats who I'd use.
I agree HARP is fine, I was geared that way before going back to combat mace and I may go that way again after 70, but right now Im loving combat mace.
Harp owned in the BG's and cloth wearers hated me.
Im sure Ill grow tired of it eventually and change, but right now Im pretty happy.
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