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Talking Moto GP Ultimate Riding Technology

Been discussed here already, but I think further discussion is needed!

Demo version avaiable here:

So what's so special about this game u might ask?

This is the first game released for the PC that FULLY utilizes all the latest capabilites of the latest video cards (except Radeon 9700 of course

Pixel & Vertex shaders (mainly used for proper refractive raindrops on the camera), Hardware T&L, bumpmapping (makes the road look REAL) and many many other effects that are so unused in today's games!

I was never in my life impressed by a game as much as I was impressed by this baby!

This game is PHOTOREALISTIC! Better than LIVE on TV!

So ready your connections and download this baby! You won't be dissapointed!

Donno if there is any difference in terms of graphics between the demo & the full version, but I played the full version
P4 2ghz
512mb RDRAM
GF4 TI4600

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