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Default Re: Maces....swords?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Rogues suck IMO.

Not long ago I had this 40 rogue come and ambush me while I was fighting a mob, had like half of my health gone, fighting inside of a bush, and by the time I realized somebody else was there it was too late. I nearly got away but he did me in.

So I come back and res, then find him fighting a mob, only he has most of his health (like 97%) unlike me when he tried this same stunt. So here I come, 37 druid, 3 levels lower than him, pounce from stealth, claw the **** out of him, stun then moonfire dot, retreat and heal, then come back and finish the job.

Apparently he was doing the same stunt to other people in the area (stranglethorn vale) only just before he lost he would vanish and run off each time. Little hit n' run f*cker didn't count on my faerie fire to squash that little plan.
Yeah that is the nature of rogues. They will NEVER pick a straight one on one fight.
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