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Unhappy bad cursor after X in framebuffer console

I downloaded recently the NVidia 2960 drivers and installed them and yes, they are great! But here is the problem.

After using X for some time and exiting back to the console mode the cursor changes from the standard flashing line to 3 little magenta squares, placed at the top of the current line (the one i currently type on). This is very annoying and i tried to fix it, by making a custom flashing cursor with an ESC sequence, changing the resolution with fbset, using textconfig (to store the current VGA registeres before X and restores them back), but with NO success. Guys, i love my flashing white cursor and i want it back!

Here is something about my system:
Slackware Linux 8.1, Xfree 4.2.0, kernel 2.4.19 with riva framebuffer compiled in
videocard Geforce 2 GTS/32Mb
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