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Default Re: FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage (X360) Also Coming to PC

It really is an upgraded version of Flatout 2 (I have the 360 version), I'm glad I skipped the PC version (of Flatout 2) because of Starforce. I heard previously there were 30k dynamic objects on some tracks though. The car polycount isn't that impressive (PGR4 has 90k polygons a car, GT5P has 200k polygons per car), but the shaders are really nice, nice sparkle paint effects. It really is a nice looking game overall, trackside detail is great.

The new Burnout is very different though and it's good too, it's now a freeform open world racing game, where the previous Burnouts were like this game. Very nice of EA to step out of the way for them.

Originally Posted by SwedX
Nice that it will come to the best plattform, heh almost every game nowdays find it's way to the Pc
It seems to me the number of console games ported to PC has remained about the same. Only thing is lots more Western developers making console games these days.
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