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Originally posted by [Corporal Dan]


That's bull

NFS HS is a pain to install but it runs fine.

NFSPU is perfect. just delete gimme.dll, all problems disappear for me

Rune takes a bit of work/tweaking to make it function. Game tweaking, not os tweaking, btw

Quake2, Ive never experienced nor heard of this at all.

Older games are actually pretty ok with latest compatibility updates.

As for filesharing between 98 and 2k... yeah. It really is as horrible as it sounds. Thet's why there is
NFS HS is probably the most painful piece of software to install on 2000 and there are people out there who still can't install it, or when they install it they can't save their configurations and settings after they exit the program. Check the NTCompatible and NFS Cheats forums and you'll find people still with High Stakes problems.

NFS PU, deleting gimme.dll is only 1 solution to the problem, for some it doesn't work, some people need to modify the page files and even then for some it doesn't work. By deleting gimme.dll I believe the multiplayer games do not run properly. Again the NTCompatible, Rage3D, and NFSCheats forums have users with these issues.

Prowl the forums on PlanetQuake and you will find tons of users with FUNCTION POINTERS HAVE MOVED problem on Q2 save game loading, this problem usually occurs on 2000/XP systems.

Some people can't even get Rune to work on XP, under 2000 a little bit of tweaking could get it going smooth, 2000 is supported for Rune so it should work ok, I had a few graphical glitches, turning on VSYNC sometimes fixed it, but usually rebooting the OS helped all the time.
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