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Default Re: 3DMark Vantage Screenshots

...........I know what a CRT is and I know how high a 24 inch Trinitron tube can hit refresh rate wise blah blah blah, been there done that. I know all about CRT refresh rates.

LCDs are theoretically stuck at 60hz. My LCD only gives me the native option of 60hz. When i override it with Reforce and the nvidia custom resolution tool, the limit is 77hz, anything over that and the monitor doesn't allow or the display becomes garbled.

Now back to my point. At 60hz, my mouse cursor has noticable skipping, ghosting and lag on the desktop, when I switch to a game, it the exact same problem. FPS games look like complete horse fecal matter when my refresh is at 60hz.

Now, when I raise it to 77hz, everything moves smooth as butter, comparable to like 100hz smoothness on a CRT. There is no more skipping, lag, or ghosting, all that is gone. Why is that so hard to believe?
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