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Unhappy RH7.3 + nForce 420-D + startx = FROZEN

I've got an ASUS A7N266-E Socket A Motherboard. It has an nVidia nForce 420-D Chipset built in. I downloaded and installed Redhat 7.3. I installed Redhat with the workstation option and I selected the development package + KDE + Gnome. I installed the kernel source from the Redhat CD2. I used up2date in order to get the latest gcc and glibc-kernheaders.

I used the following to packages to make and install the nVidia drivers:

Redhat's installer (I think it is called anaconda.) created the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 and I editted it by:
# Load "dri" # Commenting out this line
# Load "GLcore" # Commenting out this line
Load "glx" # making sure this one existed and it does
# Driver "nv" # commenting out this line
Driver "nvidia" # replacing it with this one

Is this part correct? I loaded the NVdriver by typing:
insmod NVdriver

I then start X by typing:
and my computer's screen becomes black. I am able to reboot my computer by hitting ctrl+alt+delete. I had similar results when I tried loading the binary rpm's.

I need help. I can be emailed directly at by anyone willing to help. I will post the solution if I ever figure it out.

My XF86Config-4 is attached.
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