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Default Re: Maces....swords?

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
No...Rogues dont just had a problem with a guy that was a bit of a dickhead.

But so what...he was PVP'ing!
Wasnt it you that posted not long ago that you went out ally hunting?
Same diff really isnt it?

Ill admit Rogues are tricky to get away from.
I myself get ganked by other rogues in BG's and Outland questing often.....I know the tricks they use and I still cant get away from them

Personally, I prefer rogues to locks anyday.
fear, dot, minion annoys the crap outta me.
Although, now I have cloak of shadows and that stops them in thier tracks
About one of the few I know that doesn't mind locks as much as most of us; is this mage in guild who's raided up through SSC or so. Just foils their lil plan, with the pain called ice block Rogues can use cloak of shadows once to remove all DoTs (if not in fear though); but long arse CD.
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