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I think I have unearthed the root of this problem. It's some kind of fault of Direct-X 8.1 itself. This is how I discovered it. I manually uninstalled DX8.1 (by brute force) and after ensuring DX8.1 wasn't installed anymore (by running DXDIAG and seeing there was no DX version displayed and all files were missing), I noticed that both 2D acceleration and AGP texturing were now ENABLED, without changing anything new. Only Direct3D was disabled (obvious) because DX wasn't installed at that time. But as soon as I reinstalled DX again, Direct3D was automatically enabled but AGP texturing disabled altogether. So I reckon the problem is some kind of issue/bug of DX8.1 and ALi chipsets that wasn't resolved neither by the newest ALi AGP drivers nor installing Detonator X.XX nor using the 'EnableALiAGP' trick. Now I can only wait for the release of DX 9 hoping it will be better than any DX 8.x which was the worst DX ever for my taste. Both DX 6 and DX 7 worked quite well. Microsoft blew it with the 8 release.
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