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Default Re: [PATCH] "faked" Xinerama information for a triple-head TwinView setup

Originally Posted by fatespeaks
I have been using a Matrox TripleHead2Go
Do i understand it correctly that you are using the TripleHead2Go with Linux?

Are there any special actions to do in order to get it working? Is it enough
to define a big enough resolution and then the box will switch to "split mode"?
What resolution are you using? Did you yet tried out to configure a twinview
setup where two displays are connected to the first output of the video card
(through TripleHead2Go) and the third display is connected to the second
output of the video card?

Sorry for being that curious, but i'm looking into an alternative to my
current two card "physical" xinerama solution - i could then look into
how to artificially provide "virtual" xinerama information for only one
screen (currently, my patch above only works when xinerama is actually
active, means when there are at least two screens defined).


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