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Default TV-out not working nomatter what driver..

I can't get the TV-out on my Creative GeForce3 Ti200 working anymore. When I go into the output selection menu-thingie, TV-out is grayed out. But it finds the Conexant TV-out chip!
No matter what driver I use, this happens. Didn't use to have this problem when I bought the card. I have my TV on and everything when I boot up, WORKING SVHS cable from the TV-out to the TV. But it simply won't work *sigh*
If I use TVTool, TV-out works perfectly. But TVTool costs money
I can't afford TVTool. And this is supposed to be in the nVidia drivers. Why isn't it working? I even tried Creative's 30.82 drivers. No go there either. Currently using 40.41.

Hope some of you guys can help me..

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