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Default Re: New Patch 1.2 information from crytek!

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
well, difference between COJ DX10 and Lost Planet is big.

COJ DX10 improoves image quality by quite a big margin, and it actually runs not bad, 1680x1050, all max in game, 8x AA.

Lost Planet DX10 with all extra image quality settings on, has lower performance then DX9 mode, if you run DX10 in same settings as DX9, then performance will be slightly higher.
The motion blur and fur shader in Lost Planet/DX10 is simply awesome.

As for the people complaining about performance, well, Crytek could have made a game with little levels, just a few alpha-plane plants, and plastic-looking people, but then you'd complain about cheesy 2004-ish graphics.

However, Crytek once again broke all records in regards to graphics, spent years and millions of dollar making this game, and you complain because it won't run good on your hardware THAT'S FROM 2006! Nvidia hasn't released a new highend since '06 (the Ultra is a refresh), and Crysis is bleeding-edge technology.
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