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Default Re: Maces....swords?

Originally Posted by thor1182
druids scale the best in the game in greens compared to any other class. One one One naked, most of the time a druid would win.

One you hit 70, and people start getting geared, come back and tell me warlocks are push overs as a feral druid.

It all starts at 70. Multiple fears and the strongest DOTs in the game tend to take out any class. As a druid, you may stand a chance as Resto.

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
I refer to that place as the nam all the time in game Charlie everywhere. Over there, allies and mobs are basically the same thing and nearly every bit as plentiful, and we treat em the same way: don't ask questions, kill on sight.

I love that! Charlie everywhere!
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