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Default Re: What was the best 1x AGP graphics card?

It'll run XP or 2K fine as long as you have at least 256MB RAM, otherwise you'll want Windows 98SE or Windows Me. WinMe is ok as long as you thoroughly update it and disable its awful bugged system restore. You definitely must use Firefox or Opera instead of IE6 (latest u can get for 98 & Me.)

Any PCI vid card will work.

BTW, there is no AGP 1x slot. The earliest are AGP 2x. If it had even a 440LX chipset you could still run a GeForce FX 5950 or Radeon 9800 XT. Be a little CPU limited, but hey now! Those cards are the fastest ones that were still backwards compatible to 2x 3.3v.

Originally Posted by XDanger
So whats the agp slot where its keyed the other way around?
Need a photo plz lol. This sounds like one of the old CMR or AMR slots.
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