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Default Re: Maces....swords?

Originally Posted by thor1182
druids scale the best in the game in greens compared to any other class. One one One naked, most of the time a druid would win.

One you hit 70, and people start getting geared, come back and tell me warlocks are push overs as a feral druid.
I am not saying they are pushovers, not in any sense. Just I've had harder battles with other classes, especially shadow spec priests. In fact I've been killed by a few one or two levels below me. Things may change in my favor more once I get lifebloom and cyclone though. Especially once I get furor which I haven't put any talent points into yet.

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
I love that! Charlie everywhere!
Also Ashenvale is the west bank. It's really flat compared to the nam, and much more widespread, so fewer surprises, but skeletons everywhere along the paths between astranar and splintertree - at least in PVP servers anyways.

The only place in this game that actually pisses me off is booty bay. It's just full of asses that suck everywhere else in PVP so they go around one shotting the lowest levels they can find.
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