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Default Re: Maces....swords?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
They suck when you kick their ass and they are 3 levels above you, even though your gear sucks

I just did it again too, but this time with a different rogue. Him 43 me 40. He was harassing some of my level 30 guildies out in 1k, so I came out there and pounded the crap out of him. Boy did he try to run when he realized he was outmatched, but you can't outrun a druid no matter how fast you sprint. He probably tried to vanish too I'll bet, any smart druid won't allow this tho.

I refer to that place as the nam all the time in game Charlie everywhere. Over there, allies and mobs are basically the same thing and nearly every bit as plentiful, and we treat em the same way: don't ask questions, kill on sight.

I have to admit though, rogues and druids make an excellent random player kill team. They can both attack sight unseen, do awesome burst damage, the druid can track down players quickly and the rogue can sap somebody if there is too much entourage. One of the most successful runs through STV I've had was done this way; I think I had something like 94 kills in about 2 hours.

Priests dont both me
Meh locks don't bother me as much as they used to. Just dispell curse and double HoT yourself. Once they run out of mana they're screwed.

You know what does bother me tho? Priests. They can heal themselves much faster than I can take em down and their mana regen is able to keep this up for a while.
Quite honestly, Id be embarrassed if my rogue got beaten by a druid 3 lvls lower than me.
I have never had an issue with druids.
But then, I have one myself so, I know the strenghts and the weak spots.

Locks dont bother me, especially not now with cloak of shadows and will of point was how grossly overpowered they are.
If any class is in need of a major nerfing, it has to be warlocks.

Priests dont bother me, I know my way around them just fine. they are a pain in the arse.

On the BG's its mainly hunters that I find annoying.

But as I said, every class has its strenths and weaknesses.

Im a firm believer that no matter what clasds is played, it the persons skill level of playing that makes for either a good or mediocre toon.

My rogue gets ganked constantly, I dont boast of my triumphs, I certainly dont claim to be an elite player that can gank everything 5 levels higher than me.
I think thats such an unattractive playing attitude.

But I know my rogue well, she holds her own and Im constantly learning.

3 lvls un til 70 and then the fun will begin..everything up until then has been learning and experimentation.
Guns dont kill people, Magic missiles do!
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