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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

Originally Posted by Lyme
MS could, and can, make a BD player for the 360, Sony would really have a hard time stopping them.

Ignoring that MS supplies the OS for likely 90% of Sony pc's/laptops/etc. And ignoring that MS owns the VC-1 codec also used in BD players. And ignoring that Sony isn't the owner of BD, but rather a group of companies. And ignoring that MS could, should they want, disable BD players from working in Windows.

Instead lets focus on how MS in the middle of a world wide credit crunch is able to easily throw together 44.6 billion (an american billion) in cash to buy Yahoo
MS could easily buy a significant chunk of Sony, should they want to.

(net worth, not total worth).
265,753 milliion yen = 2491.8237 million USD or 2.5 billion USD

Lyme, you are being very deceptive. Sony Financial Holdings is absolutely not representative of Sony as a whole. Sony is a huge conglomerate similar to GE. Thus, the Financial Holding division has almost nothing to do with their Movie or Electronic division. Why don't you educate yourself before spewing complete BS. Google can also be your enemy if you don't know what the hell you are looking for. Sony as a whole is likely worth tens of billions. Microsoft is bigger but they could not eat Sony quite as easily as they may take Yahoo.
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