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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

Originally Posted by nicorulez
Vin, you are both annoying and insipid. Why don't you click on Imbroglio's link. If you are so dense, I will educate you. If you can't deduce the numbers, then God be with you.

BTW, why is it suddenly vogue to compare plain ole DVD to Blu Ray. Is it because the HD DVD nuthhuggers know they have lost the battle (war?). Oh well, technology will continue to march on and leave you behind.
fwiw... personal attack != intelligent response.

on topic... you make predictions about when SDTV's will become obsolete and when DVD production will stop and all this BULL**** that you are spewing is starting to stink out the open forum.

so put up or shut up. quit looking into that busted ass crystal ball. at least you had some sort of facts to backup your HDTV selling rate statistic.
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