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I'll be the first to admit that NFS4 is one badly coded piece of software. it's truly horrible.

It won't detect my GeForce2 at all, for starters, i hafta modify registry keys myself to get it to function.

Also, it thinks i have a pirated version, so it will start 1 out of 2 times, even though i bought the game. The cd is not even scratched or anything.

Patching the game ****s everything up. The game executable wont work anymore. i can only accss it from the direct multiplayer executable.

Also, using custom card occasionally dumps me to the desktop.

Another thing is that the framerate is REAL low. Much lower than it should be.

The framerate DIES when you use a custom car with 2000 polygons or more.

Also the driving physics are bad! Ugh, it's so unrealistic! And the manual shifting is badly done as well. I wish there were an equivalent game to GT3 on the PS2 for the PC...

As for Rune, i had gotten it to work with XP. I just transplanted some files from my UT directory and played around with the .ini files. It worked quite well afterwards. The game kinda sucks though. It's disappointing not to have any RPG-like elements at all. It's the perfect game for that. This was my only complaint with heretic2.
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