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Default Re: Maces....swords?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Well, I am confident in my toon, but I have yet to master it. PVP on the field is one thing because often you have the element of surprise, and I am particularly good at that, but I am not particularly good at dueling nor have I tried arena yet.

I am pretty confident in it though because I have already seen what other druids can do. They know when and where to shift between bear and cat in battle whereas I mostly just stick to bear, they know when to throw bleeds and dots, etc.
PVP is always a surprise....
I have done hundreds of BG's and yet everytime I go into a new battle I never know how its going to turn out.
I know what a class is capable of, but I dont know thier talent spec or how they are going to play me..

The only way to get good at PVP in my opinion is by going into BG's and experiencing it out of world PVP.
Well...its def helped for me anyway.

To be honest, in the OL the most I have had to do with druids is when they are either tanking or healing in and instance or raid Im in.
I have had a lot of friends that heave levelled Druids and then have specced them resto or feral and used them purely just as tanks and healers.
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