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The patch you're trying to apply was created against kernel 2.4.19-pre10, and you're trying to apply it to kernel 2.4.4, modified by SuSE.

This most likely will not work. Is there a version of that patch for kernel 2.4.4? That would get you closer at least. Maybe not all the way there, but closer.

A better solution would be to download and the patch that brings that up to 2.4.19-pre10 (it's at, remove your /usr/src/linux symlink, decompress linux-2.4.18.tar.gz in /usr/src (it'll create a linux directory), cd into linux, apply the 2.4.19-pre10 patch with a -p1, and then try the AMD patch again.

Caveats: if SuSE patched kernel 2.4.4 with support for something you find useful (case in point was back when I used Mandrake, they had patched supermount support into their kernel), you won't have that support any more, after you build this new kernel. I don't mind anymore, I can live without supermount, but if it's a driver for some specific piece of hardware, it might cause other problems.

Ummm, what else... make sure you know what hardware you have installed (motherboard's IDE chipset, sound card chip, stuff like that) before you start. You can probably copy the .config file from /usr/src/linux-2.4.4.SuSE/ into /usr/src/linux before you do your make menuconfig or make xconfig or whatever you like doing, that would probably make configuration a bit easier because you wouldn't have to look through every option.
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