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Default Re: Maces....swords?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
I've done BGs, and I do them well actually. In fact I took a little screenie of my last victory because I was so proud of it Note who got every cap.

Admittedly I was focusing on nothing but the flag (hey, its part of winning, and I don't care what anybody says, nobody but NOBODY can beat druids when it comes to flag running...too many reasons) but in a typical BG it commonly happens that my DPS is among the highest, even when the horde side loses, and my killing blows count almost always outnumber my deaths by quite a large margin.

But still, dueling is just not easy for me at all, and I am not even going to bother trying arena until I am able to do better at it. I've been having people in my guild help me out with that a bit, and I am definitely getting better at it.

FWIW I still haven't even figured out the macro thing yet, just haven't spent time on it. I don't use any macros right now, nor even bindings. I'm all clicking and number keys. In spite of that though, I still have a massive advantage over some idiot allies that use the a and d keys to turn, lol. It's funny running behind them and watching them slowly turn while you claw away their health.

Your a stealther....its your job to take the caps and Flags.

WSG is not a fav of mine to be honest, but I agree druids make very good flag runners.

My Fav BG is EOTS or most def AB, where cap rates and node capture is faster and the game takes so many twists.
I find WSG to be long and drawn out at times.

When it comes to caps though....
Taking them is one thing, holding and defending the caps is actually the most important part.
This is the problem I used to come up against a lot in loower BG's...not so much now. Everyone wants to cap, everyone want to attack and make sure that they have the highest attack and killing blowe rate on the board but people forget how important good defense is!
Whats the point in capping if you cannot hold your nodes???

I have been in many Bg's where I may have scored 3 or 4th lowest DPS ingame and that will be because I have stood sealthed at a cap and defended it against anyone trying to take it back.

In my opinion, Good defense will make ot break a game.

Your also at the top end of a 30-40 BG so it goes without saying that you should be showing the top end of the scale, if not.....then theres work that needs to be done, or you are up against a premade or twink team.
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