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Default Re: Maces....swords?

Originally Posted by Son Goku
Prob is talent point limits.... It's an extra 5 points one takes from elsewhere. As is one can be a fair bit limited in point placement. For instance, look at my rogue who is kara currently:

I could use 3 more points in lethiality; but if I put them there, I'd probably have to dispense with the improved sap. Not such an issue in kara, as there aren't humanoids to sap there, but other instances.... If I were to do it again, perhaps one point out of weapon expertise could be placed there. Otherwise, I'd lose surprise attacks. Not exactly a lot of spare points to go around, in general.
You might want to try out a build like this for PvE stuff. When I was raiding, I never had improved sapped. You'll see a lot more improvement with this talent build as well. This is pretty much what I used while raiding and such.

This is for daggers, btw. When looking at your armory link, you have a 1.8 spd dagger in your offhand. I would highly suggest getting a faster offhand dagger for the offhand if you're not mutilate specced -- something in the 1.3-1.5 spd. range.

Due to having to bring home work and needing to concentrate on other areas in life, I quit raiding after we downed Ilidan for the first time.
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