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Default Re: Maces....swords?

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
Your a stealther....its your job to take the caps and Flags.
Hmm...not because of stealth. Mainly because of speed. Snare and speed debuffs are nearly worthles against a druid, cat form has dash, and the travel form works from combat. Better yet is on the way back when the enemy are off your tail switch to cat and you have track to see if somebody is going to try to ambush you.

Relying on stealth to grab the flag isn't always a smart thing to do, especially horde side because nelf hunters like to camp there in stealth in pairs. When they see you come out they just trap and kill you.

What I do on a typical successful run is travel in there with a stack of say 6 or so, and wait to grab the flag until the heat of battle. Thus when I grab the flag, the defense has already burned a bunch of their spells with long cooldowns and have burned up their mana as well. Makes it easier just to ninja grab and then ninja cap. If your offensive force dies in there, big deal, now they can respawn on our side and help defend our flag. By the time they win or lose I am long gone.

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
Your also at the top end of a 30-40 BG so it goes without saying that you should be showing the top end of the scale, if not.....then theres work that needs to be done, or you are up against a premade or twink team.
My first BG at 35 I had a similar score.
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