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Default Re: Maces....swords?

Originally Posted by Phyre
You might want to try out a build like this for PvE stuff. When I was raiding, I never had improved sapped. You'll see a lot more improvement with this talent build as well. This is pretty much what I used while raiding and such.

This is for daggers, btw. When looking at your armory link, you have a 1.8 spd dagger in your offhand. I would highly suggest getting a faster offhand dagger for the offhand if you're not mutilate specced -- something in the 1.3-1.5 spd. range.

Due to having to bring home work and needing to concentrate on other areas in life, I quit raiding after we downed Ilidan for the first time.
Not a dagger build, never have been.....not something that interests me.
Its been swords and maces all the way for 70, Im going to try fist weps as an experiment as well.

Never been a rogue that like stealthiness as much as quick fast dps.
Max dmg, min time!
Guns dont kill people, Magic missiles do!
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