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Default New Rig built and Heatsink question.

Well my Opteron took a crap on me and I needed a Rig badly so I purchased a new board, cpu, ram, and case. (See "gaming rig" for details)
I haven't been following the Quads too closely besides the server counterparts I work with at work and I was able to get a G0 Q6600 and it clocked up to 3Ghz @ 1.38vCore keep in mind this is with 2GB Sticks (will have 8GB total once second set comes in). But I'm using the stock heatsink at the moment, I want to stay air and am willing to spend a decent amount to get the best cooling.

What is the best out right now?
Scythe? Zalman 9700cu?

Not too sure to be honest, temps are getting semi hot @ 62c full load and I want to keep them down as much as possible.

Also, anyone have tips on how to get a higher clock!? I'm new to Intel Overclocking but i'm sure i'll get it down with enough play time with this board.

Thanks again

EDIT: Ninja Edit, 3Ghz was my goal and i'm sure this CPU will clock higher with a better heatsink and possibly better ram if I choose to go that route (for my setup i'd rather go quantity over speed)
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