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Default check /etc/modules.conf

/etc/modules.conf have to contain this line, to enable it at boot time.

alias char-major-195 NVdriver

Do a "/sbin/depmoad -a" after adding or changing anything from modules.conf

Have you tried

/sbin/modprobe NVdriver ???
and look if the module is inserted into kernel?
"/sbin/lsmod | grep NV"
"cat /proc/modules | grep NV"

There are some versions of modutils that not load fine NVdriver ( because it is NON-GPL )

XFree86 Version 4.2.0 / X Window System
Build Operating System: Linux 2.4.18-1mdksmp i686 [ELF]
Module Loader present

This is why Nvidia server is created on a SMP machine.

This refers to "nvidia_drv.o" ( Nvidia driver, not kernel module)

Note: If you download Nvidia's tar.gz or src.rpms, "nvidia_drv.o" never is compiled. you always see SMP in Xserver
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