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Default Cosmos 1000 mod. Need advice.

If you have a cosmos 1000, you know it doesn't have enough air intake. That's why with the Cosmos 1010, they added a side 120mm fan. Well I don't want to do something that's permanently an eyesore if I mess up so I decided to find a spot where i could mess up, but still hide it.

If you have a cosmos 1000, imagine the area I'm talking about.

In the front of the case below the dvd drive areas and even more frontal than the hard drive enclosures is a sheet metal piece with no holes in it. In front of that (on the very front,) is a mesh black screen.

I was thinking that I could take the thing apart, drill holes in that area, and install a 120mm front intake fan that would go through the black mesh (as a filter) and increase intake airflow without it being an eyesore. If you look there, there's definitely enough room to install a 120mm, 140mm, maybe even bigger fan.

What do you all think? DiscipleDOC please help me out on this one.

Edit: kind of what like this guy did, only make air come through the front (to the right of the fan he installed)
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