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Default Re: Worth selling my Q6600 for a E8400?

Originally Posted by ATOJAR
I can get this Q6600 to around 3.4GHz stable! well it decent temps\voltage .... i know those E8400's can easily clock to 4.2GHz and above.

I just think that clocking one of those E8400's to over 4GHz would result in better performance in games! ... i reckon for me a Q6600 is just ovekill .... i just dont need a 4 core cpu i wouldent say! ... by the time that a 4 core cpu is needed there would be a better one out for cheaper!

Not sure what to do ......
If you have the money to burn why not. I just switched from a Q6600 @3.4GHZ to the E8400. I have yet to overclock it. I am happy with the switch.
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