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Default Re: Need a new gigabit router

The DI-624 I used to use went through random reboots for a short period of time, then it started working again properly for a year or so. Then it started doing it again, so I replaced it with a Buffalo.

I think my issues may have been due to 2.4ghz cordless phone interference from my neighbors at the time. My Buffalo is also 2.4ghz of course, but never had any issues.

The D-Link was nice, but the Buffalo is leaps and bounds better, especially running DD-WRT. I'm not certain if there is a gigabit router out yet that can run DD-WRT, but if so, that's what I would get.

As for stay away from Linksys, why? I've never heard a bad thing about them except for some of the newer models have smaller memory and can not use the full version of DD-WRT when flashed.
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