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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

I had a moment this week of which I was pretty proud. Lately, our battlegroup, Vindication, has been losing in AV quite repeatedly as of late. The horde turtle at Iceblood graveyard and the alliance just whine and moan and fail.

Well, in one similar game, I decided I would turn Tower Point. I was there in the tower a few minutes before a hordie decides to try and take it back. Mr. druid comes and starts the gears a goin'. So, I sap. Sap wears off, and I sap again. The second sap wears off, and I tear into Mr. druid. Of course, he's healing like a mofo through all the damage and interrupts like druids do these days. He jumps off 'cause he's about to die. I stay atop, get out of combat, and eat.

He comes back again. We fight, and a warlock shows up. I'm kinda fuzzy on the goings on here, but I did get the druid dead this time and proceed to work in the warlock who is soon pushing up daisies as well.

Then, there's the stun. A fellow rogue, however a horde, is trying to thwart me now. Amazingly, that rogue is dispensed with much fervor and the quickness.

At this point, a healy type priest shows up, and I can't see my health bar (I'm basically dead). However, the tower is captured. I did die, but It was great fun. I logged after that match as I had, had my fill of Vindication's alliance stupidity.
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