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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

Oh yeh...
There was this time I was in STV and a lvl 30 tried to gank me....but he was so noob and I was so leet that I went whacketty pow pow and he was dead.......

Seriously though....
A few nights ago in Nagrand I happened to ride past a fellow hordey that had been taken surprise by a lvl 70 NE Rogue called poppinfresh ( I did have to laugh at the name ....)
So I stealthed up and did all those lovely moves that everyone seems to love when a rogue gets ya from behind.
The great thing about it was that on this poor rogue everything seemed to proc at one....he got mace stunned, he got envenom, he got dazed....The poor guy didnt stand a chance.

I felt good, because I was helping out a fellow horde memeber and I was killing a rogue! (dont we all hate them?)
The funny thing is, poppinfresh canme back for another try and we pwned him again!
Victory twice!

I quested with the fellow hordey for the rest of ther night and hve him on my friends list...
So that was a bonus.

Not a fantastic tale of defeat but, it made me feel warm and fuzzy.
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