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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
I decided to kick off this thread to have a place to throw out some decent stories of pwnge. I'm not talking about a 60+ ganking all the 20s in Hillsbrad or anything like that, but moments where you shouldn't have lived but did or where you made some incredible moves.


Last night I was on my 37 Blood Elf hunter. I have just been focusing on leveling her and getting my Undercity rep up because I refuse to ride a chicken when I hit 40. Anyways, I was in Desolace and had just finished questing off the coast in the water killing naga. I was heading to the other side of the map to do a quick quest there before turning a bunch in.

A 38 Night Elf druid comes running up behind me and shifts from travel to cat form. He clearly wants a piece of me, but I just want to level and not waste time. I'm running along with aspect of the cheetah on so he can't catch me. The fool is running directly behind me. I drop a freezing trap which catches him and I keep on moving across the map.

I'm closing in on where I need to be and see that he is closing in on me. He must have used dash. Again, the fool is running directly behind me. Freezing trap catches him.

I hit my aspect of the hawk, send my pet to attack, and viper sting him to drain his mana. The pet gets there about the same time as the shots hit him and he runs up to me. I use scare beast on him (fears him) because he is in cat form. All this time, being beast mastery, my owl pet is tearing him up. The owl regularly does a huge chunk of dps on his own. He is down to less than half health so I refreshed viper sting because I know he wants to shift and heal. He shifts out and tries to cast a heal, but my owl is pushing back his cast bar. I run up to him and use my racial silence to totally stop him and then step back and finish him with an arcane shot.

This all took about 10 seconds to anhilate him. My pet was never touched by him and he only hit me once which barely scratched me. I gave him an lol and went about my business. It was just so funny how a higher level toon will chase me across the map just to get pwned in the matter of seconds.
Wait wait, you are a hunter telling us a story about your pew pew? When you pwn someone while being a priest or a warrior then you can brag. Pwning with a hunter is like pushing a 2 year old down and taking his ba-ba and then starting a thread about it.

It is my duty to make fun of all hunTards in the world. Sorry, some one has to do it.
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