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Default Re: Maces....swords?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Who says you can't do lots of damage at a lower level? In spite of that they had a few obvious twinks, albeit not premade.

I did die a lot though that particular round tho.
Of course you can.
I dont tremeber saying that you cant.

I think my point was that if you are in a BG group of 30-40...and you are 39, its a high possibility that you are going to be at the high end of the damage table if you are in a group with of people 3-5 lvl lower and you.
(That is unless you are purely running about doing nothing)

Theres a twink or 2 in most BG's...
It happens on both sides, whatever floats thier boats I guess.
Hunter twinks are the worst to come across in my experience.
Guns dont kill people, Magic missiles do!
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