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Default Re: Can't get rid of tearing; videos unwatchable

Originally Posted by xbobmx
Not quite, that was just the query to make sure the property is there.

Try this to set it to DFP-0:
nvidia-settings -a XVideoSyncToDisplay=0x10000
YEAH! Worked! Just ran 5 different videos to be sure I'm not mistaken, but it's good. I got this:

bobby@dabox:~$ nvidia-settings -a XVideoSyncToDisplay=0x10000

  Attribute 'XVideoSyncToDisplay' (dabox:0.0) assigned value 65536.

EDIT: Made 2 keybindings, one for each display, and you can replace 0x10000 with the name identifier of the display, in my case DFP-0 and CRT-1, so this works:

nvidia-settings -a XVideoSyncToDisplay=DFP-0
I just added that to my ~/.fluxbox/startup file and it works great! Thanks so much xbobmx, this is such a huge help, I hope this thread helps others having this issue.
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