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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

These were fun days... Back in my first guild, back when Gilthanas and I did most things together (OK, he wasn't here for this one, as he had bed before); but a bunch of us did a stint on pwning Thunderbluff. A tall bridge, MC, and stun locks, can == fun.

Back at the time, Aman'Thul was still a relatively new realm, and Resillience had just opened the gates to AQ, initiated the war effort event. As they had been the top guild, the entire realm was rather ungeared at the time cross realm BGs first opened up. We had people like Global who were near grand marshal on the realm (this, when they still had ranks), and in the end hit 18th place on the realm's PvP ladder, who was himself getting miserably pwned in the then new x-realm BGs against full tier 3. The tier 3 shamy, against a PvP geared paly, on a realm where no one had tier 1 at that point, was beyond annoying

To put this in perspective, the horde would just look (probably our gear), and laugh, not even taking the time to bother with serious fights. With a bunch of us planning it on vent, we managed to take a tier 3 down; at which point the horde stopped laughing at us, and just started 1 hitting for rest of BG. Global was annoyed, and ended up sending a complaint to Bliz about not matching up newer vs. older realms then, and what's the point with a non-established realm having to fight those who have been raiding for 2+ years.

OK, that's pwning more then anything else; except where a bunch of us even in greens managed to organize to take a tier 3 down. But what happened next, was we got frustrated, ticked off, and had it. So we changed to world PvP. We started with a raid on X-Roads, and no responce. So I, having an orc hunter on a dif realm, joked about how a raid on Thunderhoof Village would be about similar to when horde hits Goldshire. So we went there. No response, we finally headed up to Thunderbluff. This was at a time where capital city raides were hardly heard of, less then even today (where there's a few). Probably the element of surprise helped some.

What we did, was went up the elevator, stood on the bridge, cleared a couple gaurds, and as the horde came there, we'd start by having one of the palys stun lock the horde. Then Bain (priest) would mind control them off the cliff, and we'd watch them die. I was sometimes up there, and sometimes below 1 hitting in case they survived. We must have tossed that warrior like 15 times. He'd run back to body, not even be at full health, and MC off the bridge again, and again. The druid was tossed like 12 times, and several others it was stun lock and throw from high places

We allowed a few non-guildies in, who unfortunately got us a DK or 2; but at this point we didn't care. It was just too funny to watch, and everyone felt better as we got our frustrations out for what was happening in BGs. Bain was the same one who would routinely MC horde into inns, and cause them to kill civies, so no matter how much honor they got, he'd assure they got DKs for their raid. After about 3 hours, the horde organized a fricken swarm in the hills below, and fun was over.

We planned a few more, on Freewind Post in Thousand Needles, and latter with a bunch of former guildies who went to K A O S. They brought some of their new guildies, a guy from Not Steamboat came (think a guy or 2 from Resillience also), and some other such individuals who I take it Lant and others knew. We went in where the gryphon comes out of UC, and started trashing it, and followed with hitting TB again. Was also a fun time, though at this point we were PWNadge... The first time we did a capital city raid, we didn't have the associations or the gear which was latter had. I told Gilthanas about it the following day, and think our hit on TB was a bit of talk around the realm for a bit of time afterward.
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