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Default Hard Drive Update

I was using a pair of 74 gig raptors before 8mb cache not that good but for Raptors it was fine before.

I am using a sata2 320 at the moment for the OS drive.

I was toing with the idea of a RaptorX drive but their only Sata 150 but have 16 mb cache.

I have tons or storage room but looking at a 1T drive over the Raptor 150.

Not doing raid on the OS drive cuz the os is loaded and im not reloading unless i can copy the image of the drive to a raid0 setup but that would be hard so i need one damn fast drive and i can just image the 320 over to a speedier drive.

Im staying WD cuz i match up brands.

Whats faster a 1T drive or a RaptorX drive for the OS load?

Or even a 750 would do fine.
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