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Default Re: Crysis Feedback Thread

Finally starting to have issues with Crysis.

About a week ago I could no longer load the game, I'd always get an error message. So I unistalled it. Well, last night I just re-installed it, and started playing it again. When I encountered this odd graphical bug: all the North Koreans have some wierd orb covering the top half of their bodies... you can't see their shoulders, neck, head, or even torso really. Just this weird, orangish-yellowish-reddish-whitish ball/orb type thing. I'll try and get a screen grab of what I mean so you know what I'm talking about.

Just curious though- is there any known fix for this?


Okay, here are some screenshots:

I've tried different graphics settings (in-game and in the driver control panel), I've tried DX9 and then DX10, and I even tried installing the patch- nothing has solved this problem. Any ideas?
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