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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

Last night I went over to ZF and this 46 nelf warrior walks out of it, and the rest of my group has yet to show up. So we have it out and I pwnt him with more than half of my life bar remaining. Then shortly after he dies, this 44 nelf hunter shows up before I finish healing. Pwnt him as well with the same result. Round 3 shortly comes up, when this skull moonkin druid makes an appearance. So I just walk into the instance.

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
I hit my aspect of the hawk, send my pet to attack, and viper sting him to drain his mana.
Won't drain his mana unless he is already in caster form. And even then, we have innervate The hunter tried this on me last night Also scare beast, usually I can see that coming because of the cast timer. When I see it coming up I just use moonfire to pop myself out to caster and insta-dot. It's also at this point that I throw up barkskin, double hot, and sleep the pet. Failing that, I will have the horde trinket soon.
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